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  • Onboarding

    White-glove service to get you started
    Valid for one month
    • What services/apps to use for onboarding
    • Funding your crypto accounts
    • How to move crypto around
    • How to protect your investments
    • How to generate yield
  • Crypto Class

    Generating yield like you've never seen before
    • Onboarding into crypto in Canada
    • Yield generation with cash or debt
    • Dashboard for estimating profits & allocations
    • The app ecosystem we use for managing funds
    • Live help in chat room & weekly Q&A
  • Ongoing Support

    Every month
    Live support in chat & zoom
    • Live chat support over Telegram or WhatsApp
    • Weekly live Q&A calls
    • Keeping you calm during the crazy ups and downs
    • Updates on app features & new opportunities